By George

So why am I apologizing for something I was not aware I was guilty of. (actually my wonderful keyboard has decided to never, ever let me ask a question —- at least in the interrogative form of the question mark — so popular it has its own symbol emblazoned on the key! — and yet refuses to comply with my instructions!) Have read the instruction book for dummies but it refuses to divulge its secret.

I was unaware I was guilty of sending off left wing rants. Always thought I was a right wing ranter! Just shows how ignorant I am. If there are other ranters feeling dispossessed and depressed, I trust you will understand.

On to the new hotel and dining facility coming soon to this fair town. I hope the owners make a fortune dining and wining us all. We do need a decent place to take our friends when they come to town, and perhaps we too will become the centre of the Peace River Country for fine dining! Ever since Victor closed his doors so many years ago, we have been left out of the loop for that added touch of refined dining. My apologies for the other restaurateurs who have manned the trenches for so many years with considerable success feeding us slobs! This new facade will need to be emblazoned with signs showing something more classy than just being another restaurant. If I have again offended those who have done their best to make us intellectually more sophisticated with our dining desires, I do appreciate what you have done to satisfy our daily bread needs for so many years, but we do need another Victor in town!

I have noted the Easter Bunny has departed for another twelve months, leaving chocolate lovers devastated again. Whatever happened to the other event which occurred a couple of thousand years ago (whoops, forgot that my keyboard will not let me ask you). Oh well, let me remind you that one of the many reasons we celebrate some rather old fashioned ideas of yesterday with days off work were promulgated by some of our ancestors when we all felt working all year round was not good for the soul, so we insisted our employers give us a few statutory holidays and, if we did not get them we would all sulk and do less than satisfactory work for said employers. Now, mobs of people with more cash than they know what to do with, fill the pockets of those with much more cash than they know what to do with, and the financial institutions are blessed with the fruits of all the labouring forces all round the globe. The net result being that the Special Sunday noted as one of the ten statutory holiday has resulted in fantastic sales in stores, and many nearly empty churches on that day!

Sure, those of other faiths, with other types of saviours, need to have their ceremonies too, but we seem to have gone astray somewhere along the line. When some of our ancestors are whirling in their respective graves we happily look forward to our version of Armageddon with just a tiny whimper. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Looking forward to some rants as we plunge over the precipice.

George is just checking to make sure that we are awake and paying attention! Promulgate – to proclaim

The Editor