By George

If you are dismayed by my lack of communications recently, and my lack of respect for the opinions of others shows by my silence in this column about HIM, I have not changed my opinion one little bit! However, my lovely wife has been distressed by never ever letting up on the subject. You all know the bull dog breed. Give it half a grip and it will never give up his hold, no matter what is done to dissuade it. Just a bit of Old England in my blood I suppose.

However, you may be pleased to know I will not enter a column for the next couple of weeks because we are going to be in Victoria where I may indeed go to the Provincial Parliament Building and vent my spleen on one or more of the silent voices sitting drawing their stipends when the house sits. Millions of bucks spent to make a highway to nowhere, when the money would be more effectively spent on more worthwhile projects needed by the whole province, rather than just the spot Captain Vancouver visited so long ago. Sure, our lovely little village would not be here without a huge pile of fossil fuel being discovered (actually about the turn of the last century) and being desired by one of the industrial giants in the steel industry, but we are the beneficiaries and we should respect the values thrust upon us without really knowing how, or why. Next time you need to move the needle on your thermostat to get a bit more heat from your furnace, remember to be thankful that we currently have an abundance of natural gas sitting right under our feet and do not have to chop a bit more of another renewable resource to keep the cabin warm! Al Gore has tried to explain the predicament, but we are just too British to understand. Perhaps our grandchildren will be more cognizant of the dilemma.

However, on to this fragile planet in real time. Our friend, Mr. Hill has just returned from his Easter trip to Vimy Ridge and has explained how moved he was by the event which took place ninety years ago. I was struck by the emotions in the middle of a war once known as the First World War, and what the difference there is in this troubling war in the hills of Afghanistan today. I keep wondering why we are so insistent on bringing home the few caskets from this strange event and having the media on hand to cover every detail in spades. I keep thinking back to that event and being astounded by the press of the day ninety years ago, and their lack of skill in giving the people who died going up that hill a proper send off from this vale of tears. Sure, it was a troubling war then, and the Second World War was a troubling time a few years later, but it must be so much more difficult to explain a war in the mountains of Afghanistan, and how necessary it is today to give the average person a sense of devastation to the planet!

God, whoever you are, please be a little more tolerant as we feed another huge war machine and provide ourselves with the opportunity to destroy us all. Give me a break! If we (the North American people) have huge resources of WMD at our disposal and have not recognized the effect that has on others who have not yet obtained them, and feel putting economic restraints on their citizens is the appropriate response to them, let us get on our knees and do a little grovelling to show them how stupid we have been. If our God wants to demonstrate to us His love, we had best listen carefully. Now leaving Shangri la. Perhaps will continue this theme later God Willing.