By George

My problem persists. As with the rest of us, we are still favoured with this strange phenomenon! As we, of long memories will attest, a former Prime Minister once declared that if gas prices continued to rise he would resign! The gentleman was Joe Clark, and gas prices were, if my memory is correct, seventeen and one half cents per gallon!

(( And (never start a sentence with , and) , well, almost never!)).

And that was for a gallon, before litres were introduced. Even at that time there was a tax on the purchase. Now, our present Prime Minister has declared that we must pay, per litre, the same tax for the benefit of our Federal Government, because he needs the cash! OK so I am left wing ranting! It used to cost the average guy driving a cheap car (they were the only ones we could afford in those days) for about ten bucks per tankful. The same rust bucket today would cost about forty bucks, and the tank would not yet be filled. My math is somewhat at risk these days, but, it seems we need much more to keep the wheels in motion in Ottawa than we needed when poor old Joe was at the helm. He never got to resign, he was scuttled by his own party! I gave a few moments to think about the possibilities of seeking fame and fortune, but wiser folks around me thought otherwise, and to them my thanks!

Not that we, in good old TR, could go very far without the wheels today, even if Vinny has got his taxi going again we would not all fit in if we had to leave in a hurry. When I hear that Vancouver is getting a few more million bucks to improve public transportation, and we have none, it seems we need to have a more strident leader in Victoria, as we had when Don Phillips shouted from the Legislature to make them think about building the mines in this vacant and pristine wilderness. Actually, I admire our present MLA, but he is too much of a gentleman to tackle the premier without being shot down! So much for progress!

Enough of this. On to Spring. If you noticed, we had snow all around us on the long weekend in May. which, while unusual, is a good predictor of the need to wait until the seeds we put in the ground will not be frozen before sprouting. Good gardening to you all. The summer season needs to have your support so we can all enjoy the fruits of your labour.

I have been told that there are a small number of malcontents in our midst. Now that blogging is so popular with the computer freaks, we can have an endless supply of bloggers who feel the need to harass the rest of us. That is too bad, as this is a kindly, and wonderful community which needs not be bothered with such creatures. As has been suggested previously, if you came here with the wrong message, you too, can leave on the same road you came in on. We seem to be content in paradise, and if you feel thwarted in your enterprise, this is a large country and I am sure you will find a better place to become a giant of industry in your new home.

Taxes on our property have increased, but then, as I am one of the fortunate few who bought a house for thirty thousand bucks and now find the assessors say the same house is now on the market for over a hundred and fifty thousand, I am lucky to just be paying a now reasonable property tax for the privilege of having clean water, a wonderful community centre, the best kept streets all winter long, a fine garbage collection system, and friendly police services to name a few of the virtues of being here, I remain committed to paying my fair share to keep the system thriving. I hope you feel the same way about it, but, as I have already mentioned, the road in is the same as the road out, and we will miss you, (NOT.)