By George

First, I would like to extend my thanks to Trent for fixing my formerly mute computer. What a mind! he noted immediately that, as I was thinking I was a Canadian, I neglected to think like a Yank! This computer relies on me to make everything they ask for a reality, so I told it the truth, I am Canadian.

Not so said the computer, and proceeded to change the little flag in the top right corner to the Canadian flag, which simply prevented me from using the question mark and some of the other symbols on the keyboard. As soon as I displayed the USA flag it behaved normally. Now I know why we must behave or face the consequences!

On to reality, as a good Tumblerridgean should, I went to the Town Hall meeting at the Community Centre (note that my computer lets me use the Canadian version which DIFFERS FROM their CENTER without a fuss). Praise the Lord!!!

You will be delighted with my behaviour! I kept my mouth shut the entire evening. A major investment in self control which paid off because I was able to listen, a characteristic I have had to adjust to with great sacrifice! I told Janet I had done this and she was just incredulous, and, in fact disbelieving!

What I learned from using my ears for a change instead of my mouth!:

Council made a great deal of sense and said most of the things we need to know. The mayor was charming, as usual, and did not raise his voice once. He praised his staff, and councillors often, and handled the questions with the assistance of the CAO with little difficulty.

There were some things that have not yet occurred and which may not ever happen, but for the majority of the listeners, council and staff acquitted themselves very well. For those who blog, and remain anonymous, I once more suggest that, if they have the gumption to do their blogging in secret, they should change their approach and tell us who they are so we too could throw eggs at them!

The important things; such as a balanced budget ( I do believe that once more we are about the only municipality anywhere in BC that has no debt at all — a situation required by law, but just not a fact at all!), and a rosy future assured to all, of living in that mythical community called Shangri-la; clean water; best kept streets anywhere in the Peace River District all winter long; mostly friendly staff members ( bylaw officer feared by some); a bit of discontent from those sandlocked because of the excess of snow this year resulting in many acres of sand still on their lawns and gardens; great praise for the garbage removal we all enjoy; and, along with almost any community all over the country a serious deficiency in an affordable labour force, except for the millionaires amongst us. This promises to be a fact we can expect to continue as it is just not possible to find experienced workers anywhere without going with the flow and recognizing we need to live with the inflated musings of the oncoming horde of young people who want a Ferrari with no training, or any desire to be upgraded to be a useful member of society. This is just the way it is and my sympathy for all those who needed to apprentice before making the dollars needed to live in any inflationary society.

If you expected me to criticize these folk we elected (and I could) you came to the wrong column. Let he/she who throws stones not live in glass houses!