By George

For some, the expression, ?Into to the breach dear friends? will mean much more than to others. If my memory is not too faulty, Kipling was the author and the poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, was where I acquired it. For whatever reason the poem was created, it proved to be a complete disaster for the Brigade. Wiped out!

Feel the same way as Rudyard must have felt when the result of the charge came to light! When the new leader of the ?Free? world (you know who that is, my buddy who has inspired my friends to send me voluminous articles over the past couple of years) convinced our Prime Minister to join him in his quest to make us all foils for his madness I realized he has never ever thought of the consequences of his folly.

Do not get me wrong! I have great respect for tilting at windmills, but Don Quixote probably never hurt himself when he found the requisite number of windmills to tilt! For you young sprouts, you may have to go to Holland to find out about Wind Power, as it was known by the Dutch so long ago.

Actually, we used them way back then, but that is not why I am penning this article. Do your own historical review of our future energy crisis.

When I finally opened my atlas and found where Afghanistan is on the world map, I was astounded to find it is not the centre of the Asian Continent, and not even a giant in the industrial world. So, why are billions of dollars being spent by Canadians in the fond hope we will make a difference in their lives? Have no idea! Our soldiers have made a significant impression throughout the world as Peace Keepers, but not as warriors in recent years, so why are we meddling in their affairs? Every time I hear we are trying to find this mythical wraith who may have bombed the World Trade Centre, who may, or may not be in that country, and when I discover the endless attempts to convince us that we have to live in terror for the rest of our lives because we are now on the same band wagon as our Yankee Buddies, my mind reels!

Just an opinion, dear friends. Hope I have not offended you with my Left Wing Ranting.

I will understand if the editor thinks I have lost my mind. Probably true. As we have now passed the Summer Solstice, our days will be getting shorter and shorter for the next half year so you should enjoy the long summer days and get ready for next Christmas before you know it!