By George

The Cat is out of the bag! It never was in the bag in the first place, but that is a different story which you may want to hear later.

The point? I have never had a gun and never ever wanted one. So, for the past eighty some odd years, I have been gunless. This computer has never heard the word, so you can add it to your lexicon. Why have I never even wanted one?

Seems natural to me that, if I had one I might want to use it! Since I do not have that opportunity, I probably will not be able to be arrested for a crime I will not be able to do! The urge will have been quelled!

What has always disturbed me is the renowned AMERICAN CONSTITUTION! In their wisdom they have made it an integral part of their daily living.

Have Gun, Will have to use it! I believe it is the law for every red blooded Yank in the country!

What appears to be a growing concern in Canada (or at least its parliamentarians) that we are not yet scared witless. We must correct this horrible crime we have against being known as TERRORISTS by insisting on letting all their gun toting citizens in to have at our lawless brethren! What did my mother think?! Or more properly, what will she be thinking as she looks down on us from her lofty perch in heaven? Good Heavens! Bad Earthies!

Was I mistaken? Hope so! It appears that, in order for us to properly become Good Americans, we will have to behave as though we have been nuts all these years, and will let any gun toting character from the

(dis) United States enter the country in search of any miscreant they deem to be a threat to their peace and quiet! From the recent news from their TV stations bopping off wives, mothers, children at will is all the rage! So, good news for us! We want to be just like them, and fill our Canadian Tire, Walmart stores, and all others of a certain increase in their meagre profits by opening the gun counters and getting ourselves ready for the home grown Armageddon! Always wondered about ?Shoot First, Ask Questions Later? philosophy. Will know soon (NOT!!!).