By George

Sorry about that. Took last week off to ?Omphaloskeptisize?. In the interim I found a new book by Al Gore called ?The Assault on reason?. In my opinion, not only a good read, but for all Americans, and we can all call ourselves that, a thought provoking assault on our futures, if indeed we will have one to look forward to. The more I reflect on how the Supreme Court of the USA made a horrendous blunder by giving the presidency to that other guy instead of the rightful owner of the title, the more I despair of a reasonable outcome for us all.

Even if you are not a Kyoto devotee, there is much to learn about what the scientific community, probing this tiny planet in the universal context has to say about the damage being done daily to extinct us all in just a few more decades. A moment in time compared to what the earth has given us as an historical perspective. If you are still a Flat Earth fan I will excuse you for denying its basically round shape, the moon and the other planets with their predictable orbits, etc. etc. etc. But even you should recognize that the weather patterns which seem inevitably to follow the seasons we use to get ready for each quarter of a year (at least in this part of the globe) are giving us concern. Given this opportunity to understand a few of the miracles we share every day of our lives, we should spread our wings and fly (now we can do so easily).

Or am I dreaming that I was a pilot many years ago? Sort of doubt it as I still have a log book telling me I used to. At any rate, the log book said I once managed to get the plane up to twenty five thousand feet and, if my mind was not playing tricks, my eyes saw a gentle curve to the edges of the horizon. I do not believe it was just an optical illusion, and I do believe it told my feeble brain that it was just confirming that this little planet is not flat but mostly round, like a ball.

I was told in my school days that having a globe in the classroom, with continents, countries and all the rest of the stuff, like rivers, lakes, and oceans, were part of what we call earth. Funny thing though, we were told there was a top and a bottom, sort of shifted off what they called its axis. Had a bit more trouble when we were told we were not able to say which end was up because the folk in Australia did not fall off any more than we could even if they were on the bottom and we were on the top! Took a little while longer to understand what gravity was and how it works, but Mr. Gore gave a pretty good chance for me to get a handle on what has been going on in that part of America where he resides.

He believes that reasonable people, living reasonable lives, will use reason as a tool for generating a country for reasonable people to inherit. He thinks that His Country, which he calls America (gigantic misnomer) had a great constitution made by reasonable people and that there is nothing wrong with what those reasonable forefathers did to provide a firm foundation for future generations. I might agree that today, that constitution should be scrutinized carefully, lest we in the Northern Part of North America, we call Canada, be sucked in to the vortex! You all know about the infamous whirlpools which start off looking innocent on the outer fringes, but becoming huge suction forces as we get closer to the centre and finally dragging us to our doom! Seems some of us are just enjoying the ride, without a single thought of what lies at the centre of the vortex!

Sometimes an amalgamation of good ideas will make a better dessert rather than trying to mess with the batter with little thought of the consequences. Ever bake a cake? I did once, and it was a disaster! I should have followed the recipe! But there are good recipes and great recipes. Usually, after failing, it is better to stop, look and reason before starting a new batter. It seems to me there is still time to look for a better recipe and modify the old one so the ones wanting to eat the cake, will have a wonderful experience, instead of saying YUK once more.

Even Plato and Socrates needed guidance, so why not let Al try to get it right this time. At least he is willing to listen!