By George

You will not be surprised at all when you read this. Well,, probably not if you have ever read this column before. Canada is my country! Has been ever since I arrived some eighty four years ago! Love the place, and never ever want to go anywhere else as a citizen of that country when I can wear the maple leaf of this country with a great deal of satisfaction for what has made this country such a delight to live in! That said, even with all its warts, a guy or gal would be nuts to think it is perfect! Getting along just fine thank you!

So, when I hear a couple of Russian ice breakers has broken through the Arctic Ice Cap to send a submarine down under some four thousand feet of water to plant a flag and claim the North Pole as its own territory, one wonders at the temerity of its leaders. Even more, one wonders at the leadership of the folk in our parliament buildings in Ottawa. Perhaps a great feat of engineering but, it too is just a giant cesspool of oil when all is said and done. Not that our southern neighbours haven?t already tapped into a huge part of that oil by stealing Alaska for a few thousand bucks already and trying to get us to let them come down the Mackenzie River with a massive pipeline through Canadian territory, and have just done a massive steal of the huge store of oil and gas from right under our feet and are currently sending it to Chicago for redistribution to their starving hordes of gas guzzlers. What were WE THINKING?

Given that the unidirectional minds in Washington have never ever changed ever since Texans raped the earth long ago, the message has always been clear. Get more of that miraculous stuff under the earth, wherever it lies. Remember, when everyone was focussed on the world trade centre disaster? Duke energy slotted in all our resources concurrently, and now own almost every drop, and have been incredibly successful in quietly finding back roads to put their huge pumping stations and hooking them up to Chicago. WHAT ARE WE THINKING?

Sure, some bright souls thought of using the land above about thirty years ago, and we do use a bit of it as an alternative fuel supply when we add ethanol to our regular gas. When will the real politicians listen to the warnings, and think globally? I could expand on my very limited knowledge base, and wear you out with my Chicken Little voice and tell you ?The Sky Is Falling!? You would just turn me off again. It is not only the sky that is falling. The ground under our feet is also disappearing rapidly. But what do I know?

I must apologize for having been a failure almost all my life and being so selfish as to think we can continue to live in paradise without a single valid thought to support the continuance of life in Tumbler Ridge as Shangri-la. Sorry about that.