By George

Many, many, moons ago a very small child said this to his mother, ?Deddle mind baboo, itll diddle the powies.? Translation: ?Never mind mother, it will water the flowers.? For any person of any age, such a profound observation, must have startled his mother for it has remained a topic to remember a hundred years later as it has been with my wife ever since, and I have used it often myself.

Look back on all that has happened to every living creature every season, and recognize we are always at the mercy of whoever it was that started the whole infinite process which set this tiny planet in its orbit and chose to spin it around its sun at a very precise rate and put us on it to think! Given the opportunity to do just that, why do we cry, ?FOUL? when we do not like what we have been given for, ?Our Daily Bread.?

I, for one, really do like to be here, and to enjoy having flowers in my garden. Enjoy going to the local store and seeing what is on the shelves so I can have a grape, a strawberry, a cup of coffee, a loaf of bread, a radish, a bowl of cereal—— and on, and on, and on. Why complain when it rains? It does indeed, ?Diddle the Powies.? As with all the gifts we have been given, we seem to have a very poor understanding of our poor little minds tucked up just above ears!

I can only hope you will have an appreciation of what Mother Nature has left us all to enjoy! He, She, It, never told us to stub our cigarette butt on the sidewalk, never told us to smash a glass object and leave it lying on the ground, take a plastic bag and throw it away in the woods, or all the other foul things we do as humans which must make the Creator shudder! Starting to wonder whether we deserve to have a brain when we abuse simple pleasures such as eyes, nose and ears so often! Take a moment to, ?Enjoy what we all have been given, ?FREELY!? As a starter, you might give your stomach, your lungs, and your heart a break, by keeping your share of the space you have to live in, ?LIVEABLE!?

By now, you should have figured it out. ?DO NOT LITTER!!!!? Or on a positive note. ?PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!!!?

I have already asked the angels to forgive me for my endless sins, and they in their wisdom have left me here to admonish you for yours!

Enjoy your tiny space, but not at the expense of others! If indeed this be ?Shangri-la!? be a participant and share the wealth