By George

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Up until this moment it had never ever entered my, ?So called MIND!? However, if you want to steal the title, be my guest. That is all I have to offer. ? TOO LATE THE REALIST?

I would love to give you the background and you can take it from there. I had the good fortune to be part of a family of seven kids who had two parents, a house to live in, and a mom and dad who loved us through the Depression and gave us the opportunity to learn a bit about thrift and humility. When times were tight, and the kids wanted to eat, go to school (now that is a stretch!), we all were fed, clothed, and went to church on Sundays. When it got really tight, gone went the car, the Saturday nickel, mother?s engagement ring, and many other things we had come to expect, except for ?Our Daily Bread?. By some great management from mother, we were still able to get to school and get to class so all of us were given the chance to compete.

By the time I was seventeen, I (an admittedly lousy student) had passed grade twelve, there was a war and most of us joined the military, leaving mom to the little kids for their needs as dad died two weeks after I had joined up. She had been a nurse and, as dad had left nothing but an unpaid mortgage, no insurance, etc. etc. she was able to find employment. (If my memory serves, nurses at that time had room and board, and something like thirty dollars a month to live on — if the nurse did not have to pay for the broken mercury thermometer left in her care!) Enough of the crocodile tears, and on to this reality of August 2007.

Not having spare shekels to toss in the air, most of us lived relatively reasonable lives with very little of the temptations of the world of commerce which litters the airwaves today!

I am assuming you have a TV, a computer (or maybe not), a box at the mailing service with its weekly offer of sensational bargains from all the local entrepreneurs, etc. etc. etc. Point being that all of you are being swamped with advice to BUY NOW, PAY LATER!!!! I do know that, when this town was going ?down the tubes? the thought of buying a home for thirty thousand bucks was too much to resist! I congratulate you for the wisdom of making the purchase at that time and trust you are still enjoying being a resident in this lovely town. Even if you paid more, today?s prices here are a bargain compared to what the BIG CITY FOLK are paying for their piece of the action! Am I losing you? If so you are in good company as my wife, a very well trained teacher of the English language, fails to get excited with my railings!

In this world of ours we have a VERY LARGE POPULATION! OF IDIOTS!!! If it is any consolation, I include myself in this group.

When every appliance store says ?BUY NOW? ?PAY LATER?! they really mean, we do want your money, and we intend to get it! All other sellers of goods has taken up the clarion call and, whether you want that gleaming new car, that gorgeous engagement ring, that fascinating new I Pod, the multigigabyte computer, they all want the same! Your paycheques for the next hundred y;ears! And, even though you absolutely will not be able to afford it, you will go to your friendly banker and be assured that you will get the loan at a very low rate of interest!

In 1929 when the stock market collapsed, multi suicides came from Wall Street as the truth was out! Banks collapsed, and people were left with a difficult time burying the dead! Not a good time to be one of the thousands of ?would be? millionaires! Not a great time for the rest of us! When I look at memories of the infamous ?Bennett Buggy? which dotted the Canadian landscape, (for those a bit younger — it was a car — with no engine, being pulled by a horse for those lucky enough to have a horse)

So, if you are one of the millions of poor souls with a mountain of debt and no resources to get out, being TOO LATE THE REALIST, WILL BE YOUR LOT TOO! Good luck with your book. I am exhausted going back through my memory bank to even think about writing the story