By George

Today! A departure from this usual complaint about the sins ?of the fathers? being passed from generation to generation. Just give me a few moments to adjust to the shock! Bear with me!

Ah, that?s better! Today I want you to know that I firmly believe there are good people living right next to you, and just perhaps, even living with you! Next time you open your eyes you might even see one in your mirror! Just turn your computer, your I Pod, your TV, your ears, or whatever OFF! Just for this brief moment let your mind focus on this startling thought! I did.

There is a song called AMAZING GRACE and there is an Amazing Grace living in Tumbler Ridge. If you have been lucky enough to meet her, greet her, or know her for even a few moments, you will have had a magic moment! Treasure that moment for as long as you live for you will have been with an angel!

Perhaps I exaggerate for, in all honesty, I probably never ever could tell you what churches have said angels really are. Are they only men, or are they only women? Never have had that particular religious explanation given to me. Only the written version in some human?s version of what a particular biblical scholar has said, or what some painter has shown in his/her sculpture or painting. I cannot even be certain that angels are human so let us not go there.

This angel I am talking about does have a fine husband and a huge heart full of affection for her neighbours. He is one lucky guy! And, if you give it a bit of a chance, just perhaps you too will be able to sing that hymn with the same enthusiasm that thousands and thousands of people have sung before!

What is that expression? You know, the one that says ?If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck?? Well, translate to ?If it walks like an angel, talks like an angel, it probably is an angel!? Good enough for me!

The truly amazing part is that this world is full of Graces. I have been blessed with a whole sky full of them and, if I tread lightly, I hope I will never, ever step on one of them.

I will not go into my usual trance and describe what I believe has happened in Ottawa. Figure it out for yourselves!