By George

This might be a bit different. No George Bashing this week. Sorry, but this will be a relief for most of you!

As some of you might know, I attended a Memorial Service for one of my brothers in Vancouver last week. It brought home the rather consistent attitude of most of us that none of us is immune to the raw fact that we are not immortal and will end our days with some sadness because we have lost someone near and dear to us, even if that someone will be infinitely better off than we who continue to live.

This is not to say that we are not entitled to grieve, nor should we be brave, and pretend that, because we are men, we never shed tears.

In my brother?s case, as his body was riddled with pain, and he needed relief not induced by pain killers, his leaving was indeed a blessing. He spent most of his living days bringing comfort to others in suffering and he was told by both his children (actually fully grown adults), that he should for once in his life, act selfishly and give himself peace. He must have heard, and a few hours later, did just that, and died peacefully.

This is not what I want to dwell on. What it brought home to me was my own inadequate preparation for my own leaving. He had thought of all the things necessary for making his dying a fully thought out plan for the survivors. His will was made, his executor was fully informed and was ready to act, and he had made the arrangements to give the beneficiaries what they would receive prior to his leaving. A thoughtful gift for us all to think about now, so we can let everyone know our wishes before we go.

It is my job now to procrastinate no longer. Wish me luck!