By George

You will need to know! Or, as today?s kids would likely say, ?Oh, Yeh!? Anybody really ?Needs to know??

That, having been said, will launch you into, ?My version of reality?.

Those with memories going back too many years, might remember ?THE POCKET CALCULATOR?. An innocent little thing which is now given away by the bucket load because the market dried up a long time ago.

I remember, after a five year period in university, I was granted a degree in engineering. Received a steel ring declaring this was so, and went through the traditional ceremony of chanting the message! We used a slide rule for all our calculations, because the ?POCKET CALCULATOR? had yet to be invented!

Shortly after receiving the ring, and the accolades surrounding that memorable time, I did see one of the monsters of the future! ?THE POCKET CALCULATOR!? It scared the wits out of me! Could I touch it? Would it explode? What would happen if I wrecked it? Give me a ?slip stick? any old time and I could do all the wonderful things that led to getting the iron ring! Wonder of wonders, when I wanted the square root of a number, there it was on the tiny screen! My world was shattered! The ceremony faded into the dim dark regions of time!

Today, my grandchildren have no idea what the problem was. Give them a few moments and they will whip out their tiny fingers, flex the muscles and hit any of the keys for any of the little gadgets they have in their pockets! How many of you had to get a professional to fix the damaged work of those dancing fingers? It doesn?t matter whether it was the cell phone, your computer, or your watch, and on and on into infinity, as Apple, and the others create more and more of the little beasts! Even the ?NANO? does not interfere with their ideas of reality. A couple of micro seconds and Google will give you all the wonders of the past. I know, I tried to find who I was, so gave them my name. That was all I did, and up on the screen was a litany of all the wonderful things I never ever knew about myself!

I guess this is indeed reality! Someone, somewhere has done it, over and over and over!

Get used to it. When we get to Mars and report that it used to be a little bit like our planet, with a little less history than we have because something awful took away their atmosphere a few thousand years before we built telescopes to take a look, and did not have the space technology to go out and discover a little of the miraculous stuff spinning around our world, just remember ?THE POCKET CALCULATOR?

Actually, what I did want to tell you today will be to announce that Tumbler Ridge will again be holding the annual CRAFT FAIR in support of our lovely swimming pool and all the toys and gadgets it needs to have for us all to enjoy! If you are a CRAFTER and you haven?t finished your blanket, your leather work, your jams, jellies, your home made bread, cake, buns, or your paintings, sculptures, or whatever you do make, better get busy for it will again be here in the Community Centre on November 9 and 10! If you are, like me, not talented, come and browse, and buy!