By George

I know it is not your fault! However the silence is deafening!

When I talked to a number of local residents about having accommodation for older folk they, without exception, thought it was a great idea.

It seems though, that turning a good idea into a thought out program to participate in, see the first paragraph.

This town is now, and has been since its inception, a centre for extraction of minerals from the bowels of the earth. The thought provokers are good at finding huge sums of money for doing the extracting and exporting! Certainly, without that enthusiasm, this would still be a virgin forest waiting to be unveiled. However, now our little secret is out, and folk here are doing the inevitable.

???THEY ARE GETTING OLDER?. Many want to enjoy being in paradise, so they are reluctant to leave. Me too.

Why leave when every common sense thought says stay?

The truth is that almost every community, in its infancy, was filled with enthusiasts who needed an outlet for their energy. Show me a place with no tennis court, no curling rink, no ice palace, no hiking trails, and more recently, no paths for the snowmobilers, quad pathfinders and other mobile travellers of the highways and byways , and I will show you ?NOWHERE!?.

The neighbours near us have been here much longer than we have, and they too housed older young folk. And, they liked being there so much they wanted to stay, and they have. With hardly an exception they have, in one way or another, found resources to fund residences to enable them to enjoy their leisure time. It may be time for us to be thinking the same way. Our Lions Club are willing to pitch in and give it a boost.

Any of you remember the Morse code symbols which was put on our second world war nickels? My memory bank is somewhat flawed today but I believe it said something like this: :?We will win if we work willingly?. Time to invoke the thought?

I know, ?For only $69 bucks you can buy a $25 coin so you will be able to help our Olympians. ? And the postage is Free! What happened to integrity? Perhaps we should hire a huckster so Whistler and the other pretty places in the Lower Mainland can prosper? Having spent my childhood in Vancouver, and having had good feelings about living there, I have absolutely no interest in going back to the monster being created today. What was Captain Vancouver thinking? But, once again, I digress. Is it any wonder that some of my faithful readers keep saying, ?What is he trying to say??

To keep it simple. Let us pull up our socks and find a way to build something which will appeal to those of us who want to remain in Shangri la.