By George

Friends, and the others who have suggested I put my thoughts in print one more time.

I woke up this morning, and guess what. My brain was still functioning after the winter solstice! Also remarkable was the idea being pursued by that sluggard thing called a brain!

As a few of you may know, I participate in the group known as the Mayors Task Force. This body of friends meet almost every Monday morning to thrash over the plight of people who, for whatever reason, are still living in Tumbler Ridge, and enjoying being here despite some of its shortcomings.

They have, among other duties, and responsibilities, the task of finding solutions to things such as: Not enough doctors, not enough nurses, not enough paths to get across snow banks, and a number of other problems for the elderly, the sick, the maimed, and yes, even kids who need a bit of extra love and affection because God decided they needed a bit of a boost now and then.

Anyway, since I have been around this planet for about eighty six years, I thought it would be prudent to see if my experience as a teacher, might be useful one more time!

Arrogant pup you say!

Well yes, that it so!

Take a bit of string and measure carefully (very carefully). I do not care which system of measurement you use, metric, the old fashioned feet and inches, or any other type of unit, such as cubits, or whatever.

Now measure a unit of three, one of a unit of four and another measuring a unit of five. Mark very carefully each one, and put them on the same string.

Got it! I would normally ask this as a question but this marvellous contraption I call a computer has a glitch in it which refuses to let me use a question mark!

Now, as almost every little kid has learned to multiply by now, take the three, the four and the five units and multiply each one by itself:

Thus the three becomes nine, the four becomes sixteen, and the five becomes twenty five!

Amazing, but not quite the end! Your string—-OK—-so I am just

stringing you on! Is now made up of a three, and four, and five units.

Ever hear of (THE THEOREM OF PYTHAGORUS) . Remember, I told you about the question mark (Sorry about the glitch). You have just been given the answer to WHY I HATED MATHEMATICS!

You now know that any kid can learn it, because you just did. He said if you just use the three, four, and five units—— tie the ends together you have the right angled triangle which lets you be a competent carpenter. Just look around and see if you cannot find a corner some where. Good old Pythagorus gave the idea even if you hated him and his dumb theorem.

So, what am I saying! (remember my glitch). Maybe, just maybe, there is somewhere in some corner of this wonderful world of ours which could put a few of us ancients to work for a few days to get rid of the problem of unemployment for all the hundreds of thousands of overpaid and under worked younger people who have been laid off recently.

I admit this is only a dream as you know. Think about it though. One never knows what might happen.