By George

Remember (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). Always remember my computer will not let my use the question mark.

I have always preferred (Starkle Starkle Little Twink).

If you have heard of Gallileo you will know he was told he was at the very least, an idiot. He pursued his idea until the churches of the day got mad at him for such heresy. Imagine thinking our magnificent planet just being a small dot in the universe! If you do not burn him at the stake, at least ridicule his thoughts!

Anyway, here goes nothing!

The Hubble telescope has just released (a couple of years ago) some incredible pictures of galaxies somewhere in our universe. The big one! seems to have the concept that it contains at least ten billion stars and is about 50,000 light years across its belly! It is named THE SOMBRERO.

Now, if Proxima Centuri is our nearest star (you can check the spelling if you want) and you have never thought of a light year before, bear with me for a moment:

According to the most recent thoughts, the speed of light travelling from our sun to earth will take about 8 minutes. That is: In one minute the light will move from the start of a twinkle, towards earth, it will have travelled for sixty seconds at (the old system) 186,000 miles every second. You can do the arithmetic. My old mind says that will cover a distance of about 93,000,000 miles before giving up its treasure. You know, Greening our Planet!

That may seem impressive to a few of you, but that presumes you still have not grasped how far away our NEAREST star is. It comes to 4.3 light years!

ie: you turn a year into a light year which assumes the 186,000 miles per second, for the conversion to minutes, hours, days, and then 4.3 times that!

The old timers dismissed the idea until they were told to smarten up!

Now, if you are still tuned in, AND, if you want:

Take our small trip to Proxima Centuri and expand to just one of the astounding number of galaxies Hubble has discovered, and realize there must be about ten billion stars (probably at least as big as our sun!) which just possibly will have some forms of life on some of the huge number of planets circling about each sun!

Just possibly our friends from the various religious persuasions will take a few moments to meet with each other and share a few seconds of mutual respect before saying the only religion is OURS!

Just a thought.