By George

You may, or not, know I have been on (The Mayors Task Force for Seniors) for over a year now. We have been meeting almost every Monday Morning at 8:00 am to attempt to find a solution to the problem of these fine people trying to remain in this lovely place without coming to the conclusion that they cannot find anything to stay for!

Even both of us have been looking at other communities because there is nothing to keep us here!

I am often reminded of that little ad on TV which shows a man, alone in his car, spilling a drink on his shirt, and brushing the coffee off, and suddenly stopping his car in a desert, stepping out, and shouting WHERE AM I (remember my problem with the question mark. it is still here!)

It also takes me back to a course Janet was taking when she was in University. A professor was telling Janets class of a dream he had the night before. One of the students insisted on interrupting the class with dumb questions about the course and this dream kept haunting him.

Lets call the man, Mr Jones: (to protect the innocent, probably).

In the dream, Mr. Jones was seen by the professor, walking through his front garden saying: over and over again LOST, LOST IN THE IMPENETRABLE JUNGLE!!!!!

Without trying to excuse my poor attempts to get out of my impenetrable jungle, I will just let you know that the Monday Meetings have been a terrific experience, without any visible success in getting to the root of the problem. Many fine minds are at work here, and, as they stumble and fail to address the basic issue, I realize I too have failed you all!

I need to ask questions and, as my little computer does, it refuses to let me use the question mark! So, as I too stumble and fail to ask the logical questions, I am left out of the loop! At this moment, it has been agreed that::: What we have been given in the Community Centre is what will now be known as (The Seniors Corner) when it has been renovated from what will be jointly, The Youth Centre and the Seniors Corner. Complete with the climbing wall and a pool table! When compared with what appears to be the norm for almost every other community with older people in this country, we have been forgotten.

You too, are just a little bit older today than you were yesterday, and you too will be looking for a place to rest your weary bones somewhere.

And, despite Freedom Fifty Five, and all the other hype about Golden Years, NOTHING Just won?t cut it!!!

The fine folk in the Lions Club do have a NEW HORIZONS GRANT OF $25, 000 dollars to give it a kick start, but people of vision will have to be brought forward soon else we will lose some exceedingly fine minds to the future!

So what is to be done! When Claude Galibois school closed some thought it might serve as a base for a future senior residence, but it will now be a residence for other dinosaurs, excluding this one!

Wherever I open a newspaper there will be some article about Green Space units. Witness our new bank with its efforts to look into the future with solar panels, and a washroom, and a place to sit and bank without too much stress on the guy or girl in a wheelchair, or walker.

Everywhere you look there will be architects looking for (VISITABILITY HOUSING). Seems like a new word but all it means is that every house should be able to be visited by people who need to get to the house, walk its corridors, get to the bathroom, and live in the place. Take a look around every house in this lovely town, and not one home was thought to be needed for anybody with different needs than all the young bodies of healthy working people.

I am beginning to sound like a broken record! Sorry about that but a year trying to get the message out that YES! TUMBLER RIDGE NEEDS TO LOOK INTO THE FUTURE IF WE ARE TO BE SHAN-GRI- LA! If you too, have a vision and want to participate in the voyage of discovery let me know and I am certain we can get things started! Meanwhile I will continue to attend the Monday morning meetings because the folk there are the right people to work for and they too have a vision of what the young at heart want.