By George

Let me begin with a couple of anecdotes from long ago, and one from now:

You probably have seen the idiot driving his car and spilling coffee on his shirt, and then, out of the fertile mind of the TV advertiser, he ends up on the desert, getting out of his car and says: WHERE AM I I too need to ask that question (even if I cannot get the question mark to work on this machine!)

It reminded me of an incident when I was going to be a teacher and had the misfortune of having a class as a student teacher with an old goat as my mentor. I had been looking at the heuristic method which suggested that the best way to get an idea across was to never answer a question but to invite the class to question the idea. I posed the question and was immediately shot down by the old goat who interrupted: Took over the class! And told them what to think! I was devastated and was only saved by one of the students who was near me and said to one of his buddies by this statement: WHY DOESN?T THE OLD BASTARD SHUT UP!

The purpose of the anecdotes: Just to let you know that THIS OLD GOAT IS LOST IN THAT IMPENETRABLE JUNGLE! Perhaps not a dream, and perhaps not able to exercise this excuse for a mind which I have been blessed with, but with the editors blessing, the idea may come to you.

You may know I have been part of a group meeting almost every Monday morning at 8:00 am for over a year now. The original idea came from the Lions Club and expressed to the previous mayor as: The Mayors Task Force for Seniors. It was agreed by those present that, as this town has never had, and maybe never will, have a place to rest the weary bones of those who want to stay in Shan-gri-la but have no access to a suitable location. In almost every community of any size at all, there is such a place which has met the needs of those of us who have reached the GOLDEN YEARS, (HAH!), OR can by given that classification by other less discerning people who have trouble identifying just what that means to them.

In the process the fine people who have weathered the onslaught of bureaucratic minds and methods, we have accomplished almost nothing: This is not to suggest that all is lost, but instead of a place to rest the weary bones, we now have (almost) a place to have a cup of coffee! It will now be called——The Seniors Corner! In the community centre, and shared with the Youth Centre, along with pool table, climbing wall, and, yes, a coffee pot. Not too bad considering we did not have even a coffee pot until the start of March 2009, we hope!

Enough of the complaining. When we arrived here, we did not have a community centre, no schools, no roads, and a few other things which suddenly materialized when it was decided to build a town with the goal of making it a great place to be in! All was put in place for an active working centre for healthy workers who could enjoy modern living conveniences. The commissioner, who subsequently became the first mayor, was asked questions and was told bluntly that the town was not being built for them but for the people who would be arriving later! Well, he has long since gone, and we are still here! It was decided to cut a few costs and the swimming pool was left off the original design. My wife took a look and decided to ask the commissioner why no swimming pool. As you may know, she organized the group, now known as TRISPS (the indoor swimming pool society). With some able assistance, TRISPS has served us well, and continues to provide new toys for the pool. With the same determination, and enthusiasm, we need to think about ideas to invest in our older residents who want to stay. Too many have left already! If you would like to stay, get in touch with the Lions Organization and let them know you too want to stay here.

They do have a small grant from New Horizons to kick start us. If you want to stay you may want to put your thinking cap on and get busy! Failure to act will not help. Do not be like the past idiots I mentioned in my first paragraphs. This impenetrable jungle can be penetrated with good will and some sustained effort. The doors are wide open, and the Mayors Task Force needs you. The active members are the best, but they too, need you! Let them know where you stand, and pitch in! When the coffee is able to be turned on, it will be your turn to have one on us!