By George

Thank you for your interest in pursuing the concept of having a residence for us old folk here in this lovely place! The response will encourage the Lions Club to ask for your assistance in putting the idea in place. Leadership and vision are always needed when an idea is being pursued, so let us know what you have in mind.

I do get my ideas at about four in the morning when I am snuggled up with my warm wife sleeping soundly by my side. Today is a bit of an exception as it is just a few minutes after six, so things may not gel quite so quickly! However, let me press on to see if you are ON BOARD!

In this town we have been blessed with an accumulation of very smart folk who have had the genius of the ages at their disposal. With their help and yours we should be able to make us the envy of all similar towns in the Peace River Country. As you know, it has taken Rip Van Winkle a long time to wake up. It did before, and it will do it again, so do not be upset when he (she) is a bit slow off the mark!

First, think of what has already been accomplished: Dinosaurs, Trail Systems, Swimming Pool, Health Care, Recreation Centre, Library, paved roads, and a list as long as your arm of other very wonderful accomplishments which, by the way, were not in any minds before it was found we had an abundance of black gold to be sold from our place to those wanting it abroad. Or an equally giant storehouse of powerful petroleum products just below us! When Victoria found we were abundantly endowed with money for them to abuse we were on our way rejoicing! Huge dams, mighty tunnels, and some very resourceful engineers with vision appeared, and Tumbler Ridge was born. Not bad for a bunch of people with a vision of what might happen if they took away the right of the grizzly bear to own the place.

What I am saying is this: We do not need more smart people here at this time. They are here already! When we gather a few of our present giants together and give them the problem to solve—- It will get done! Be part of the solution!

I do not need to tell you that almost every town near us has done what we have failed to do. They have looked at what they wanted, and built. Some have the appearance of a Taj Mahal, and some the appearance of a country cottage, but they had the vision of what was wanted (or needed) and put their hammers and saws to work. We need to take a look before we build a dodo bird, but we should get started. The nucleus is here, help us do the job! Thanks.