By George

Woke up this morning. Another miracle! Just could not stop wondering about the magic of the Hubble space telescope, and my arrival on this tiny planet!

Lets start with the miracle of my conception. This, according to almost all biologists, must have occurred some nine months prior to my arrival. As with all critters, elephants, walruses, ants, zebras, mosquitoes, and all the other creatures of this tiny planet, when the pheromones are active, and the male interacts, a birth will follow!

Not having anything to do with it, nothing I have done since that little act —- lets give it a name, and then abbreviate it so, when I refer to FUN IN THE SUN! it will hence forth be known as just FITS! So, when fits took place I was hardly to blame! You too, had fits long before you could stop it!

Now, just to set the record straight, since I was unable to prevent that miracle, and could really not have prevented the former, and latter fits my mom and dad had I became part of a loving family! Therefore, any mistakes, or acts of heroic proportions, or just doing the things critters do is just a long list of fits all of us continue to do! So, next time you are accused of doing anything obnoxious, or admired for some act of kindness, just remember it was all caused by FITS.

Now, when Einstein arrived, he made quite an impression when his fits happened. Just an amazing guy! Revered by most and disbelieved by a few, he, and all the other guys and girls who had FITS, or arrived because their parents had FITS, another guy, built a telescope. Not your average telescope but one which went out of our atmospheric cloudy influence, and started sending us pictures which, quite literally, were gorgeous! The sad part was that it was damaged, and a few other human creatures (who also had had FITS) have gone up to the space telescope to fix it!

All of this brings us critters who had FITS to the conclusion that there should be something logical about the whole process. One of the pictures from Hubble shows a constellation of stars which have been labelled the SOMBRERO. I suppose because it looks a bit like a Mexican hat. Anyway, Sombrero appears to be a galaxy a very long way from our galaxy. The people who believed in Einstein and his ideas, also thought that if we could just get our little contraptions to move a bit faster, we could move as fast as light moves! You probably know by now a few of the mad scientists of tomorrow, now doubt that Einstein might be wrong and that even the speed of light might not be a constant! So much for my teachers who said that if we could travel at one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second for just a little over four years we could reach our nearest star, known recently as Proxima Centauris(sp). So much for those guys and gals who had FITS.

The point, if there really is one, has to be that, even with an abundance of FITS thinkers, the people who have seen the picture of SOMBRERO, believe that the galaxy is large enough to contain billions of stars! Now, if we have a sun about which we seem to have been getting our warmth from, and about which we have been going around for quite a few years now, is just a tiny bit of space junk, and, if the guessing game goes on much longer, and we have no idea yet as to how many galaxies there are, and it seems we would have to travel at the speed of light for over fifteen hundred years to get from one side of SOMBRERO to the other extremity of that galaxy, and we have no idea of how many galaxies there might be out there, I keep wondering why we worry if someone has designed another atomic bomb and we might be blown to smithereens some day.

For those of you who are still having FITS, relax and enjoy it. After all you were not responsible, because you really could not have helped it! Advertisements showing smug ladies and gentlemen can relax, buy your way to heaven and keep having FITS.