By George

Some wit once said that brevity is the soul of wit! Great idea but not my style!

In a recent article I mentioned that my parents must have had fun in the sun before I arrived on this planet. Shortened it to FITS and received a favourable accolade.

Problem is that they had FITS before I arrived, and continued to have FITS after because I ended up in the middle of the pack.

Now consider this. Fun In The Sun could also be Fun In The (Spa, Sea Shore, Super Valu, Stable, Sky Walk, Spaghetti Factory, etc., etc. etc.)

Lets look at just the seashore and up comes!

She sells seashells by the seashore.

FITS now ends up as FITSSSSS! As one prairie lad explained, (remembering my problem with the question mark)


Perhaps explains why so many maternity wards are busy in the late Spring and on into early Summer!

Last time I was there it took no imagination at all to SEE ALL!

Must find my swim suit and towel and head for the waves!

Adios Amigos!