By George

Enough already! First I am told not to produce any more SMUT, and then, as it all happened before I was born, how strange to think I had any part in the event!

To follow up I would like to ask the lady (it was a lady, and a very nice person too) a question. However as my computer refuses to respond to the question mark I can only respond in the affirmative. My arrival on this little planet was not my idea, and probably not your idea either!

If you indeed do have a little button on your tummy, as I do, and as my brothers and sisters did, you must have been sustained prior to birth by your mummy by an umbilical cord. If you ever go to any beach anywhere you will find this little appendage innocently being shown by any and all people everywhere. These people may never have thought about it, as I never ever did, but that was the forerunner or our appearance here!

Without this tiny button you would not have arrived! Neither would I, nor all the rest of us! Sure it is a miracle, but that is just the way for all humans. Forget the little sperm that searched for that particular egg, and was successful. Forget the adults who oohed and oohed because you had arrived successfully. Forget all the doctors and nurses, or midwives, and other assorted helpers who assisted at that moment. You made it and that is really all that matters.

More disturbing for me is that Allah, and Buddha, and all the saints, (and sinners of course), arrived in precisely the same way. Not of their choosing, and not of yours and mine. So, if we are to believe all that is known about the regenerative nature of, not only people, but all the other critters inhabiting this land, and we have no means of acting kindly to not only ourselves but all the rest of these creatures, there must be a lesson to be learned.

If you have any logical answer I would like to hear it! Just possibly we could stop acting like Space Jockeys in Monkey Suits, and stop going around Killing people.

You need to be heard. Give us a chance to survive. I like it here and want to stay around as long as possible!

Adios Amigos!

PS; Any future articles I may write will definitely not be about the biological events mentioned previously! We can put the shoe on the other foot even if it hurts!