By George

By George

I must be crazy to think that God is planning to intervene on my behalf! I keep reminding myself that I am only a tiny cog in a huge machine and keeping me oiled and ready to work is probably not in the best interests of what has been planned for so many generations. Therefore, as I have exhausted any and all of my creative juices toward saving life on this planet, under the guise of Bush Bashing, I will now change targets. For which so many will be eternally grateful! Especially my dear wife, who has berated me for the feeble efforts I have attempted to use in the name of The Literary Masterpiece!

For those few hardy souls who have congratulated me for showing disrespect for the Man Who Would Be God (except for the Grace of God), my thanks. Find yourselves a new bard, and carry on.

If you are prone to prayer, take another look at the mostly barren hills around and ask for more moisture. This could be another dry year with the awful consequences that occurred last year!

You might ask our head of Public Works about the underground lake we are sitting on and from which we draw our water. We may be in a more favourable position than most communities as there does seem to be an ample supply of water under our feet. Once again, as I have often stated, this is truly Shangri la!

I hope you have accessed the gardening information at your disposal as the weather is getting to that stage where those making their yards beautiful, will make this year?s ?Communities In Bloom? program worth more than the Two Blooms? we received last year.

Good Digging!