By George

If you have not guessed yet, my life really began once I arrived in this lovely place in 1982. Sure, I am a lot older than that, but it was just a prelude to what has been my good luck to get here!

For those not understanding what is so great about being here, take a flight, or a ride on a boat, or swim if you will, and go somewhere else to see why you should come back!

Perhaps I overstate it but, just to illustrate, try to find a military presence on any street, or anyone other than a couple of ersatz (you know, wanabee) hunters looking for a moose, or a deer. Not that it is an illegal activity to have a gun but just who, needs one to arrive safely back home. (Sorry, have not fixed this question mark yet!)

I do understand there are a couple of gendarmes stationed here but they too are smiling more often than scowling! Perhaps they too like being here in a safe town!

Certainly, when reading travel brochures, Florida, or Disneyland, or many other places in the USA, the folk living there seem to be having fun in the sun too, but give me four distinct seasons, with equinoxes and solstices as they arrive to welcome the next phases as the earth spins about the sun.

Often wonder, as the giant telescopes unravel more of the star clusters and note how the scientific minds are guessing whether there really an infinite number of galaxies out beyond our milky way, just how many planets must be out there, and whether it is so important to believe humans, as we think of us, as being so hell bent, or heaven sent, to worry about our demise! Just relax, and enjoy being who we are and where we are!

Back to the little poems we have sung (or said) to our kids. Like twinkle twinkle little star, who the heck to you think you am! Or Jack and the Beanstalk when the ogre starts with his attack on Jack with Fie Fie Ho Hum, I smell the blood of an English man! Or poor little Red Riding Hood when she gets eaten up by the Big Bad Wolf! And an endless supply of other terror stories we have inflicted on our families for decades! OK so the star story is not a terror story, unless you embellish it for your own evil intent!

Anyhow, as my mind spins its own web of confusion, the fact remains that you and I will be happy, or sad as the wonder of Halloween approaches and we stuff the little goblins with as much sugar as we can get them to ingest! Might ward off the SWINE FLU as well as the Pandemic approaches and we stick needles in the brave little soldiers!

Enjoy your feeding frenzy!