By George

You will all know the expression: ?No point crying over spilled milk?. Or, its companion, ?Shards of glass do not go back together?.

This is an almost endless list and the failure of people to recognize the futility of trying to recover such items is just as long a list. I include myself as one of the prime candidates for going on such a wall of shame! Ask my wife why I have a garage full of broken shovels, toasters, and assorted inoperable electrical gadgets. She knows the truth! Yet she proclaims to love me! Needs to have her head read! No calling me a ?pack rat?, or explaining it is the reason the car will not fit in its allotted space, will change me. I see no logical plan of action which will save me from having junk coming from all available parts of this house, especially now that our kids are not always on hand to sneakily empty the fridge, or stealthily fill their cars with this mountain of completely useless stuff! I have had the urge to give it to the Thrift Store, but that seems not only dishonest, but wasteful of their more worthwhile challenges which lie ahead. I guess I will not object to any charges the landfill people levy on us slobs.

I know that you will recognize my failings, and some may even feel they are kindred spirits. However, when you purchase your next gadget from one of our purportedly, Canadian stores, have a look at the place it came from. You will find that almost all their products for sale, admittedly cheaper than anything we used to have, will have been made in an oriental country, and will quit far sooner than we expect. You may also note that these new gadgets have no passageway into the bowels as we used to have when screws and other fasteners were part of its manufacture. Can?t even take a look to see if there is a loose connection somewhere in its innards, so off to the scrapheap in the garage, because it just might start again someday!

Sorry to hear that our friends? in Victoria have chosen to send the health workers back to work by legislation, with a fifteen percent rollback. Said they could not find any grounds for negotiation! Especially when they have made the political appointments to the Health Authorities themselves! This is my last futile attempt to tell you that voting for Gordon was a huge mistake last time an election was held. Just prepare yourselves for the next sale of what used to be called Canada. You will have noted that, just at the moment 9/11 took everyone by surprise, all our formerly Canadian supplies of the riches under our feet were swallowed up by our new owners from Texas, and was anyone really surprised when gas and oil prices skyrocketed! At the risk of the publisher getting taken to the courts for my transgressions, I had better stop now!