By George

You probably know that each of us has been granted fifteen minutes of fame. Well, I have already had my fifteen minutes, so any extra minutes will be welcome, though undeserved.

I will not bore you with my memorable moments, except to say I enjoyed having lunch with Canada?s only female prime minister, and having my photo taken with her too! Too bad her party decided we were not ready for a woman to direct the country and sold her out. Might have been a huge mistake.

My latest lucky minutes took place last week when our own Lieutenant Governor came to Tumbler Ridge and charmed all the people at the reception, including me. During lunch she sat with me for a few minutes and we were able to talk undisturbed by any one else. It was incredible to find she was so able to make me feel I had her undivided attention, and within a few seconds made me aware of a beautiful mind at work. Too bad she does not have the opportunity to be the next leader of our country as, in my opinion, we could do no better. I will not reveal why I came to this conclusion so quickly except to note that, while she made no negative comments, as I am so prone to do, she did reveal that we, as Canadians, do have distinct characteristics which make us quite unique.

I trust that she will never be muzzled by the forced protocols of her office, but will be recognized as much more than a figurehead by those supposedly governing our province. With her leadership we might indeed open the Monkman Pass, as I proposed in my innocence when I was the mayor. Probably not before I leave this ?Vale of Tears? but maybe I can look UP/DOWN? And see how the plan is developing. My only caution is that, once we open the route, we do not turn ourselves into such a tourist destination that we become another Jasper, or Banff. Be alert to the dangers of success.

I continue to believe we are blessed with this lovely place to live in and, as for me, I have no desire to be noticed as a Niagara Falls, or a Disneyland in the advertising brochures!

It was good to have a chat with our MLA, Blair Lekstrom, and to find his sympathies are more in line with mine than with the people in Victoria who are so careless with doing what they said they would do, and then changing direction in mid stream. It is unfortunate that honesty, and integrity are the values of so few of the legislators. I am aware that it is almost impossible for him to influence their minds so closed to reason, but I thank him for making the attempt. We could do a whole lot worse than some of the people we have sent to Victoria in the past!

Enjoy living here. Remember, you could be in the traffic nightmare I just returned from in Vancouver. Even at two or three in the morning, the traffic is almost as bad as it is at rush hour and the sirens are wailing all night long. There seems to be little attempt to enjoy living there except to rush off to make sure nobody has stolen your car, or have cut you off or are having horns blaring because you are only going about ten miles over the speed limit, and are holding them up! Just think how much more gasoline would be available if the drivers just slowed down to the posted speed limits! We could save millions of gallons, or as we now know, billions of bucks!