By George

With apologies to the person who coined the expression (and I claim no right of authorship), but, I have always enjoyed it. (Please exercise your faulty German accent). ?We get too soon old, and too late smart.?

After spending better than eight decades trying to fathom the minds of the very young and the very old, I often have to accept the obvious facts about humans and their fallacious memories. However I cannot blame others for errors in certain happenings which I often attributed to my own activities, especially when they claim to have done it themselves, but, it is a bit deflating when they are proud of the results.

What saves me is another expression I need to be reminded of every once in a while. You will all know it I am sure. ?Pride goeth before a fall?. If there is a possibility I need a pat on the back once in a while it is good to be reminded that falling on one?s face is much more painful, and also quite unnecessary! Therefore, if you feel the need to pick me up because I seem unable to stay on my feet, just leave me there as God seems to know what is best for me. For those who have had the urge to be helpful in the past, my thanks for being like the Good Samaritan and getting me back on my feet.

Now that is off my chest, I have that terrible urge to continue to say nasty things about that other George and his governing party. Is there even a remote possibility that he will quit smirking and trying to find where the cameras are so he can feebly wave to them? I must try to find where they put the, Mission Accomplished, sign when he went aboard the aircraft carrier seventeen miles off the California coast. Should be put in the Smithsonian Institute as one more of his incredible photo op collections.

Just perhaps, God will indeed Bless America this coming November, and give the friends to the South the wisdom to vote accurately and send him packing. If you are prone to prayer, get on your knees and start asking for His intersession!

Have a fine summer, and, while you are still on your knees, see if you can give Him a bit more help and keep us all from another fiery holocaust this year.