Dear Reader(s)

This too will be a disclaimer: You will all be aware that I believe in Shangri la and that we are in it. What you may not realize yet, but, as in most mythical places, there are doubters, realists and other strange creatures with ?mature? minds which will not recognize simple home truths, even when they come up and bite them!

Today is such a day of reclaiming our freedom to believe in all places which were our right as children. May all of you recapture your youth when goblins, fairies, and the other lovely and wonderful fantasies were a real set of creatures hiding under your beds, in the closets, and lurking in the basements.

I know. I told you that you could trust me and here I am saying you can?t even do that. Just call me one of the previous presidents in the USA who said just that! I believe it was a guy called Richard, and you will recall what happened to him.

On to this week?s best of the worst days of my life. I received an E Mail from a girl we will call Mary, so-called because her parents gave it to her with the understanding that she would follow the path to everlasting life as well. This was not Spam so I read it. No bargains, no rewards for filling out a reply, no wonderful bargains, nothing but the truth about that other George. What a shock!

If it contains even a shred of evidence that God has turned him into His New Son, Mary has a lot to answer for! The litany of his misdeeds goes on for five pages and it is really hard to swallow (or is that wallow?). At any rate, it was sort of like the time I was told there was no Santa Claus, or no Tooth Fairy. It seemed to me that I can no longer tell my grandchildren about Red Legs Kelly or the Blue Fairy, or any of the other Jules Verne possibilities! Why has she not been burned at the stake, or sent to eternal damnation by Him?

Is it really possible that there is some evidence to refute her claims? If you can help me I would appreciate it so I can sleep at night without that other boogieman called Terrorism, looming out of the night!

In the fond hope that the insignia on every United States coin is to be trusted, I rest in the assurance that He did give that other George the privilege of Sainthood, and he will lead us to the Promised Land. NOT!

If there is a dry eye in the house, I have a few handkerchiefs left over from that other dreadful day. Feel free to come and get some!

If you like, my daughter will loan you her bluebird called Tommy. She has slept well all her life because of that friend.