By George

First of all let me tell you that the publisher of this paper has my greatest respect!

Why she lets me continue to put articles in this paper when she knows she disagrees with many of the things I say is beyond belief! I guess this is why I am Canadian!

In 1956 I was invited by a professor in Syracuse University to go to a city in California and teach there. It was tempting as we have all been told how wonderful it would be to live in wonderland and enjoy all the amazing benefits that would come our way when we could live in their version of heaven, which of course means Disneyland too!

He did explain that there was a small formality to be taken before this would all take place. He said I would have to sign a form stating this:

It said: Declaration of Intent to become a Citizen of the United States of America. He assured me that nobody ever took this seriously but it had to be signed.

Having spent all my days explaining that I Am Canadian to anybody who might ask, to say on a piece of paper that I would throw all that aside just to now say I was an American became a problem! I thanked him for the offer and declined. He was going to give Janet a job too even before we were married just because he wanted me to join him in his program. He had never seen her, had never talked to her, and was prepared to give her a job in Oakland just to get me working for him! ( I did marry her which was the best of the best decisions I ever made)

Second best decision I ever made! Sure, we put more alcohol in our beer, and we have a few warts in our system of government which does not make us immune to mistakes being made, but I have never ever wanted to have our lovely country to become another star on their flag!

That decision, made almost half a century ago, was certainly justified! Can any reasonable person even contemplate what would happen if we let another idiot become our leader!? And bow to the very nonsensical view of the man who would be god?!

Just yesterday I was listening to a CBC interviewer who was asking the chairman of the Northern Interior Health Authority what he knew about our health system. He confessed that he had done all his previous work in the wood industry! Talk about Pinocchio! To think that Gordon Campbell had him appointed, not elected to that major portfolio, boggles the mind! What have we done to ourselves? Are we on that slippery slope to becoming another star in their flag?

Think about it before you say you have no idea about our government and are not even going to vote on June 28th! Give your heads a collective shake and get involved!

Do you remember that king who long ago gave up everything just to search for an honest man? Maybe you should emulate Diogenes and pick up your lamp and start looking too! Good luck!