By George

A few of you will know I was in the air force some 60 years ago. You may know that one of the survival techniques we received was euphemistically called, ?The Route March?. We learned very early that if we sang while marching we could stop grumbling for a few minutes and the pain of going for miles and miles was significantly reduced!

I sometimes feel that we have been politically, ?Route Marched? while waiting for something simple to happen, like voting on June 28th. Unfortunately we have no songs to sing to make the pain go away! I would recommend that all the leaders learn from those of us who endured the route march by singing. Unfortunately for me, I remember one of my favourites which went something like this: ?My eyes are dim, I cannot see. I have not got my specs with me. I have not got my specs with me!?

When I hear the possible leaders of our country using the House Of Commons mantra as their platform for our future, I am left cold with despair as they handled the other candidates just as though they were already in the House! They went to the nationally televised meeting to which we were all invited to listen to just as if the same rules of rudeness and illogical debate as we have seen endlessly when the cameras were on them in the House!

To illustrate: When I was teaching in this Province?s capitol city I wanted to show the class the art of politically correct behaviour by having them sit in the gallery and watch the elected officials as they entered into debate with their fellow MLAs. However, as I felt I needed a quick lesson myself, I went to watch first and make certain I could safely take my young charges so they would behave as sensible spectators while watching these people show them how government worked.

It was so revolting I cancelled the trip to the legislature. Such behaviour which demeaned the leadership of our province seems not to have changed be it in the Provincial Legislature or the Federal House of Parliament! The Premier of the day, when asked a legitimate question by a member of the opposition, rose to his feet and simply walked out with the comment, ?I don?t have to listen to this!? While the rest of his party applauded, or stopped reading the daily news they were reading to ignore any possibility they might be listening I reasoned that the basic rules which I believed the class should follow when in debate, were never going to be learned in that building!

After trying to listen in that recent scrum on National Television I realized these people were actually behaving worse than the teams playing that game! Any possibility that any of the many Canadians watching that performance showed us all that any of them going to Ottawa have much to learn about Parliamentary Procedure! We are in great danger! How can any of us simple folk make any logical sense out of their caterwauling, and, to make things worse, we have to make some sense out of voting on June 28th! No wonder the young show so much apathy for the costly and frustrating process called the national election of our country!

Diogenes, where are you when we need you so badly? If you see an old man with a lamp looking for an honest man, send him over. I need help!