By George

By the time this will reach you the new federal cabinet will be a part of your lives for the next four years! I hope you will be a satisfied voter and will support the verdict of all your fellow voters. It is a fundamental right we have in Canada, that we have the privilege of being in a democratic part of the world! As this event is being put into its place in history in just a couple of days (today is June 24th, 2004) and as I have no crystal ball with me, anything you want to know will have been revealed to you while I, too am in the dark at this moment.

I was asked by a friend to explain just what a ?chad? is. Prior to the last election of a president of our neighbours country just to the south of us, everything came to a crashing halt in Florida because they were using an antiquated electronic process of having a very confusing method of having the voters punch in their choices. The tiny pieces of paper which were punched out by the old machines failed to separate from the ballot and thousands of them had to be done, and redone to verify the choice the elector had made! Those tiny pieces of paper were left hanging and the result of the presidential election relied on the accuracy of those silly little pieces of paper! It reminded me of an ancient cartoon of a cow, ?Bessie? by name, when asked by a reporter how she liked the new fangled milking machine, she replied, ?I kind of liked the old personal touch?. May we never have to resort to having missing chads elect our prime minister! Sorry, just another cheap shot! Must start our new days with a more loving and positive approach to our American cousins as they will have to look to November when they get to look in on their system of electing a president. Let us pray that we have chosen wisely, and get the kind of government we deserve!

Enjoy this weather and, for heavens sake, if you are thinking of throwing a cigarette butt out, or forget to properly extinguish the remnants of a fire, or otherwise put our forests, and hence our lives at risk, think again! Love this place and have no desire to live in a constant state of fear because someone was careless!