By George

Today, being our day, you know, Canada Day, we have time to be a bit reflective. Let us start with a quick look at what happened on June the 28th when we thought it would be a good time to see who will be looking after our national interests because we had enough gumption to go to the polls and let the rest of Canada get a bit of a picture as to how we wanted things to happen. Unfortunately we had the record of being the least interested of all British Columbians in shaping our future. Only a few more than half the people in our constituency bothered to vote! Shame on us! So, we don?t give a damn about living in a democratic country? It would be interesting to hear a rebuttal. Look forward to your thoughts!

On the larger screen, were you looking at the ex leader of Iraq as he went through the pretence of going before a lawyer in their country and letting the rest of the world see him for the first time after his capture? Much better picture than the intolerable and endless look at him just after his capture when we saw that unremarkable look of a, presumably doctor, looking into his mouth to see if he had any teeth? A weapon of mass destruction? Halitosis? Or what?

I see, the military might of the USA decided no audio was to be permitted? Why? What was it they were afraid might happen? He demonstrated a remarkable level of restraint by only explaining that my old buddy George Bush was the real terrorist. Good on you Saddam! Hope you get to the Hague and have a better chance to have a lawyer represent you. Maybe Michael Moore knows an honest lawyer who could legitimately represent him.

I know, I promised to stop throwing my mediocre mind at you, and here I am lying again! My apologies and enjoy the Canadian Distributor who is distributing Fahrenheit 9/11 because none of the American? Distributors wanted to be known as the corporation which supports putting their president under scrutiny.

On to the future. Look forward to seeing a minority government in Ottawa taking a more positive approach to new legislation and attempting to listen to the wishes of the other more minor opinions of our elected federal representatives or face the wrath of the Governor General if they do not!

Have a great summer and try to stay dry, and/or free of lightning strikes.