By George

Have you ever thought about the brain? As a relatively small part of you it is only just big enough to fit inside your skull, which is just inside your ears and eyes.

If you have given it much thought, and you can only do this if you haven?t already been punched out seriously, think again!

Everything you accomplish, like noticing a bird flying, or hearing an aircraft fly by, or making a cake, or remembering a name, or hearing music, or walking a few steps, or anything approaching thinking about anything, or ?WHATEVER? would be impossible if it was damaged!

As one of the natural idiots on this planet I find it amazing that, despite my long years on the earth, some of the gifts I was given when that little egg, and that tiny sperm, joined together to create me are still functioning even though I have abused almost all parts of me over time! Were you too given the opportunity to blow it all as a kid when some other idiot suggested to you that, if you expelled all the air from your lungs and then let him/her squeeze your chest as hard as possible you would be able to knock yourself out? I did, and it worked! Why I got away with it I will never know except the whoever my God is, he/she/it, was gracious enough to keep my heart going so I am here to let you know that it is not a great idea to do twice!

If you are open to ideas and are willing to join me in my pursuit of happiness, take a few moments to realize how fortunate you are to be able to read what I am writing! Take just a moment and thank the forces around you which have blessed you with such a gift!

The reason for this reflection is that I have a grandchild who has just learned to read and a giant step has been taken for her growth in so many ways. I thank the teachers who helped her open her world and the other thoughtful people who have made it possible to take more giant steps forward, and I thank my parents who wanted me to be in school and encouraged me to see a part of this amazing place we live in called earth!

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and take a few moments to enjoy this place I like to call Shangri la! Drive safely so you can not only keep your own skull free from harm, but may also be a cause for others to rejoice in their good fortune as well!

While you are at it, perhaps you can watch channels on your television set, or a web site on your computer with an open mind so you can be aware of your rights to think for yourself rather than be insulted by all the enormous lies which promise to make another bunch of millionaires which of course will mean you and me! Happy thinking time to you all.