By George

Is there anyone following the permutations and combinations of the American Networks as they continue their assaults on the intellects of their citizens? Or, are you all enjoying the benefits of having had a short interlude of insanity as we elected our governing officials and can all get to watch Canadian Idol or some lighter fare on the television sets we all proudly display in our living quarters?

Whatever your thoughts on the above problem of having such an assault on the voting public of our neighbours to the South, is there not a better way to spend the dog days of summer? This continual caterwauling from the media as to why everyone else on the planet does not understand them is most distressing. Surely there is at least one news outlet from them which wonders why the rest of the world continues to hate (perhaps too strong a statement?) Americans.

Give me Canada, PLEASE! And, if you are even remotely concerned with the Stock Market and what has happened to the gas prices as we venture on with this twenty first century without yet having had them add an extra star in their ever increasing attempt to own the whole planet, thank you for wanting to remain a country which is not overrun with strange creatures in futuristic uniforms!

As most of you know what I think of Captain Smirk, let me leave you with the flavour of summer as it progresses through August into the season I personally enjoy the most as the glory of the Fall colours embrace us. Enjoy our seasons, and thank you all for having asked, and received, the bountiful rains which have diminished the possibility of a horrible fire season this year!