By George

I know I have often jeopardized the publishing rights of my publisher and I apologize for my opinions which, to date, have not been censored by her! I thank her for her patience while I attempt to bring some coherent values forward.

Today will be no different than my continual attempts to bring sanity to the election scene in the land of the ?Brave and the Home of the Free??

By ignoring Fahrenheit 9/11 I feel a great disservice has been done to my hero. You know, the one who did the other films and which the Cannes Film Festival offered a fifteen minute standing ovation to just a month or so ago.

I have now had the opportunity to read a new novel, and find a new hero. The title is: Anne of Green Gables vs. G.I. Joe or, Friendly Fire between Canada and the U.S. He is a Canadian and finds fault with both our countries which appeals to my sense of fair play. However, his choice of title appeals even more!

I have not had the opportunity to look into the inner thinking of this man, but, he seems to be my kind of guy. If you, as sometimes happens, follow my column, and even sometimes agree with my thoughts. Give it a read.

Meanwhile, CNN is outdoing itself in generating the Blahs for most of us as it continuously gives us all another dose of the flag waving antics of thousands of berserk Americans. Good thing we have about forty different buttons to push to find something a bit more palatable, or if you have satellite, hundreds of options.

My grandchildren escape the onslaught easily by finding kids shows, or game cube stuff they have brought with them, or, if desperate, try to kick me off my computer so they can play games they like. I know, they should be out playing in the sun and getting sunstroke or some other insidious illness by not wearing hats, but that is the parent responsibility, not mine!