By George

There have been a few moments recently where someone has questioned my opinions about, You Know Who.

It has been reassuring to note that even some of the national magazines have stated and restated confirmation that I am not alone, and for the friends who still want me to continue to stay the course, I thank them, though they be few in number.

Do you suppose that, many wars earlier, when the British Forces first arrived to quell the local residents they came in full lines of men who unquestioningly followed their leaders? And, did the men in scarlet uniforms we see lined in rows showing their great discipline by not breaking ranks as they shot at the ?Savages?? the forerunners of the soldiers fighting in Iraq? If so, why was the, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED sign put on the aircraft carrier to assure the Californian people that the war was over when, in fact the people being invaded had merely stepped aside to fight another day! It seems that the folk who had seen the old movies of soldiers lining up like fish in a barrel learned a lesson not easily learned by their predecessors.

If you had a bit of difficulty with what I said in the last paragraph, so did I! Maybe it might be better to say it in a different way. While it seemed as though the fight was over, almost before it started and the bragging rights of the USA and the British was ready to unfold, the more astute warriors did what have been done by others so often. Living with the dictates their wise forefathers recommended: ?Take flight and live to fight another day?, they lay down their arms, keeping the real weapons hidden and helped to cheer on the end of the war.

Now, a couple of years later, using the hidden weapons they now wreak havoc on the invaders and are surely keeping the war going with no end in sight. It almost makes one want to cheer them on so they can make the so called winners look like amateur fighters when it comes to strategy!

My recommendations might resemble the fight fought in a humorous little book called, The Mouse That Roared. In that little tome, the council of a tiny place reckoned that they should follow the reasoning that, if they declared war on the United States, they could easily lose and then get a bonanza from the victors as the losers of the second world war found out they would be well paid for losing! The trouble was, nobody took them seriously and instead of losing they found they had won!

My recommendations would be to all Iraqians, lay down your arms, accept defeat and then cash in by apologizing for causing the USA to have to go to war, and then negotiating an honourable peace by ripping them off financially! Just hope you don?t win!!

Good on you! And when you get the gravy, please ask our Californian neighbours to keep a few of the bucks to repay us for selling them a bit of power a few years back when they had a brown out. To the best of my knowledge they only could come up with seventeen cents on the dollar. Wish they would let me do the same with my hydro bill!