By George

Do you ever start your day by wanting to crawl back under the covers and hope this day will never have to start? If you have had this kind of start to an exhilarating opportunity to enjoy living in what we have come to know as Shangri la this has been just such a start!

I was just opening my eyes when the phone rang and a friend asked if I would like to have some carpentry work done and if so, would his arrival in half an hour be OK? Just as my mind kicked into gear and it looked like a fine day ahead, and, as there was time to have breakfast first, my wife informed me a bit of faxing was needed. At the precise moment I inserted the paper in the machine it said it was out of paper. Actually it was out of ribbon and I had forgotten how to replace the cartridge and as so often happens, just as I thought I should have a second cup of coffee my carpentry friend asked if I remembered how to find the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle and I was told the deadline for the paper was upon us and the paper cutter was not to be found and my calculator hid itself from me just at the moment I was told I needed to write to the mayor and council.

And it is not even ten am! But, just when I am prepared to snuggle under the covers and hide, the news was telling me to watch for hurricanes in Florida, another few hundred people have been slaughtered in Iraq, there have been devastating fires in California, there have been floods washing away hundreds of people in Asia, over two million kids in Africa have no parents, the Sudan is on the verge of starvation——- and it feels fine to be living in Tumbler Ridge despite the petty problems which harass me from time to time!

While I am in a better mood than I was a couple of minutes ago, I would like to let you all know that we are indeed blessed with the best of all worlds with good Samaritans abounding all round us. They get almost no recognition, look for no rewards, and find their satisfaction in knowing they harmed nobody by being good friends to all their neighbours and doing thoughtful simple tasks easily and generously. To all of you unknown heroes my thanks for letting me a part of this fine place to live in and enjoy.

Now to that second cup of coffee. AAhhh!