Those of you who have known me for some time, are aware that I have a sort of bulldog attitude. You know, the, once you have a grip, you never let go attitude.

It drives my wife insane, and rather than have her go to an institution, I hereby resolve to keep her at my side by expanding my horizons, and leaving Captain Smirk to solve his problems without my help. His God can try and cope with saving ?America?. Isn?t it quite remarkable, that we too are ?Americans? in the broader extension of this continent?s geographic states. Enough of this. GRRR!

For those using their TV?s for other than the Soaps, or using satellite dishes with a plethora of channels, PBS (Public Broadcasting System) has a fellow named Charlie Parker seemingly tasked with bringing rational people to his table to make sense of the comings and goings of people in authority around the planet. I like his approach to finding these reasonable people and probing their thoughts about the future of some of the horrendous leaders as they make mistake after mistake in their stumbling efforts to lead.

My wife, who has spent many hours in classrooms attempting to have young people learn the basics of law as we know it in Canada and Britain, feels our countries have made awful strides backward by refuting the Magna Carta (1215ad), and Habeas Corpus (1768ad) which were established rules of behaviour to protect us all from illegal confinement. Ouch! Getting very close to that bulldog grip I said I was going to eliminate!

You probably are aware that I have no plans to go Stateside in the foreseeable future even if Vegas, and Disneyworld want to spend my money, and even though the advertising brochures are so appealing. Guess I will have to hole up in Shangri la!

The CNN is now overwhelming us with countless hours of THE NEWS. Does anyone really want more of Michael Jackson? Or of the endless recounting of what is going to happen in about six months time if, or if, or if? Why is this journalistic fervour called news? At least the weather channel is doing its best to let us think they have a handle on what might happen in a couple of days time and, even if their studies are flawed, there seems to be no hidden agendas. Have a fine day!