By George

May I do a bit of reminiscing? As you will find, if you watch CNN, or other American news reports, the two combatants for leadership in the election to be held this November, continue to denigrate each other with endless amounts of cash to fill the networks with their versions of the Truth. If you have not yet become bilious, or indeed become seriously in danger of expiring from overexposure to the bilge, what is your problem? Surely you have enough energy to find the remote and shut out the monsters!

I, along with many others, joined the armed services of Canada at the tender age of eighteen. As my mother kept some of the puerile thoughts of my letters home, I have had a second look at what an enthusiastic idiot I was! Poor Mom! It is hard to imagine now what she must have endured by my limited look at life through those letters. Yet she continued to answer, without criticising my thoughts, and making looking for a letter from home for me an enjoyable experience.

If I had the misfortune to have become famous and had to endure the fanatic investigation of my life in those days, I would shrivel up and crawl into the deepest hole available! What I have learned since those days would fill a book but the headlines would continually bombard the news media with every miniscule error I made those sixty years ago! I have had my fifteen minutes of fame and have no desire to dredge up all the other days and years which comprise all the other minutes after the fifteen which were part of my FAME?

As you will know, if you have followed my thoughts about the current president of the United States, there is no point in my continuing Bush Bashing. However it would be priceless if he could find the wisdom of this ancient veteran, and spend a few moments letting us all know of the good he could accomplish by accepting the verdict of the rest of the globe we live in by saving his energy and crawling into the hole I have dug for myself. Be glad to share it with him, NOT!

Enjoy the rest of the summer. The days are rapidly shortening so get out and entertain your time with useful activities before it is once again dark before supper!