By George

You know, I do listen to the opinions of others, even if I may sound arrogant and uninformed at times. What sometimes offends me is that out there in that vast void of understanding, lies the oracle! Waiting, waiting and at times appears to be asleep, because we too are waiting for him/her to awake and lead us to the promised land.

Now, your idea of a promised land, and mine, are probably miles apart, or is that fathoms deep, rather than miles high? At any rate, following the news hounds trying to find a way to sell a product is akin to the various religious bodies going about their business of trying to convince us all that their version of God is better than the other versions held by those who do not have a Ferrari and will settle for any clunker that will start in cold weather.

I am trying to get a handle on where I want to be when this endless day is over. Will it be on a golden throne with an endless supply of Hollywood starlets doing my every bidding? Will I lie in green pastures with lions grazing with lambs? Will I go to that fiery furnace and dance on hot coals? The offerings by the organized faiths are endless and I guess each of our brains is open to suggestion. Have a huge problem with those who blame the TERRRORISTS for convincing people that they are the winners when they tie bombs to themselves and blow themselves up for the cause!

What has caused this departure from my usual diatribe? I went to a small meeting yesterday, and the thought of putting on a Christmas concert during the festive holiday coming up in December was put to the test. We all agreed that children need to have a part in the festivities, but had difficulty with what they should do arose. It is my understanding that in at least one classroom in Tumbler Ridge, the kids were told to put their hands on their hearts when singing our national anthem. How is it that the opening ceremonies in the USA for most classrooms includes a pledge of allegiance with the hand over the heart? I know almost all of our economy is based on the Free? Trade Agreement and the Canadian Corporations have nearly all caved in to the major bucks being offered by selling ourselves out and we will now be slaves to their greed, but do our kids have to follow the lead of our Southern cousins?

I couldn?t agree more with the president of the USA that God should save them. What bothers me is just which of the many gods is he asking for help from? My God has a much bigger job than catering to just that one special group. In my innocence I was under the impression that God is Love. You might look up the concept of mammon being another god. Seems maybe that is the god he is asking help from.

Just a little time for reflection. I look forward to December and the Feel Good moments which kick in during this month. Enjoy the feelings!