By George

Just a little change of pace. You will all know about King Richard. We knew him as Richard the Lion Heart but the French called him Coeur de Lion. Despite the value of speaking only English, I did learn a bit about him when taking history in school.

So, you reasonably argue, what was so special about a king of England in the twelfth century, when we are now living in the twenty first century with the USA going about conquering the world instead of Coeur de Lion?

Looking for parallels? How about Douglas MacArthur the well known American general who suggested that before going to war you had better study history. As Richard found out it was impossible for him to win a war against the infidels: that is, anyone not being a Christian, he decided to come back home. On the way he conquered Sicily, tried his hand against the folk in Jerusalem, quarrelled with the people in Austria and France and finally was killed by an arrow when fighting another war on foreign soil.

Now you may find this to be an odious comparison, and you may well be right. Just the same, Adolf Hitler had a problem when he decided to beat up on all his enemies, and so did Genghis Khan when he tried working over all the people in the Orient. In almost all of these wars, the aggressor worked overtime trying to convince others he was doing the right thing, Just as the president of the United States has done with the United Nations.

I was just wondering if maybe another look at what Jesus was trying to get us to listen to has been overlooked. There are many passages in the book we call the bible which suggest that we should concentrate on loving one another rather than bopping all our friends on the head! I do believe our God suggested that we leave avenging our enemies to Him.

Just a small word to the wise. Maybe we should take a moment to hear what the historians have offered to us and forget orchestrating the Battle Hymn of the Republic! I also remember a passage which suggested that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword. In Richard?s case it was an arrow, not an atomic bomb, but then it is unlikely that our George wants anyone except him to have one. Trouble is, there is always some comedian who doesn?t understand, and wants to have a go at ending life on this planet. Talk about your suicide bombers! We have the commander in chief who owns at least twenty eight thousand of them and thinks he alone knows how to pull the trigger. It just took two of them (primitive by today?s standards) to wipe out Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

Ah well, just the raving of another lunatic! Have a wonderful month and enjoy Guy Fox day at the end of October. Some idiot wanting to blow up the British House of (now was that the Commons, or the Lords?). Does it really matter