By George

This may sound heretical to you. But then what is new about that point of view? I intend to try, in my limited, most would say, extremely limited point of view, just what love is.

No, not the kind of love portrayed endlessly as saying nice things to each other during the Christmas season, or going to your movie channels, or your DVD players or any book store which will sell millions of copies of some cute hunk, loaded with all the musculature of a Chippendale, or some gorgeous lady with a very plunging neckline.

You may think that is a bit shallow of me, but then, my publisher, has put up with my drivel for a long time and has not chastised me for filling endless columns of my opinions in her paper with my hatred of violence.

As I have noticed that hardly anyone really cares what my opinion is, why am I bothering to try to convince you about anything that really matters?

With your kind permission, or not! Here is what I want to say about love. My terms, not necessarily yours.

Given that I have had time to reflect on this mysterious force for a long time I do believe that God is Love. Not a biblical character strung up on a cross with a huge following of people around this globe, nor any of the literally millions of other people who have chosen to follow their Buddha, or Mohammed, or some equally valid human-like individual they have chosen to believe in. For this I will endlessly be chastised for my temerity in lumping you all in the same barrel and then shutting you in for eternity. So be it!

I am no saint and have covered the gamut of sins my church has thrown my way for many centuries of ecclesiastic thought in order to keep our buildings filled with The Faithful. Actually, I have always considered myself catholic (You know, the older version of the Universal Church) which has now broken into a vast array of other heathens who have divided our people into more subsets of The Truth, than the little microscopic creatures we have all seen ever since the electron microscope gave us a look at those millions of little critters cavorting under the glass.

Does that deter me? Not a chance! It is time for you and me and all the other people around this global village to start practicing LOVE. If you really want to improve the situation world wide, we all need to rethink God Save America, or God save any other country and give God a chance to do what we have all been promised might happen if we spent just a few moments thinking about loving one another without terminating the conversation with ourselves by deciding They are Wrong and We are Right.

Enjoy living in Shangri la!