By George

For those well prepared for this day, my congratulations! It is fine that you are going to your own Mount Ararat to build your private yacht and that you have made your peace with all your neighbours so that, when the flood subsides you will not be subject to all the other survivors criticisms of your self seeking plan to make it through the flood without any real thoughts for your friends making it too. And, when you find they were getting to a much higher altitude on the Andes or the Himalayas than your safety place, and were relying on their own spiritual leaders to help them through their trials and tribulations associated with no longer able to pick up their groceries from Florida and having to hope the fish would be tasty treats on the long days having to cope with all those animals as they too found there were few treats from the DQ or McDonalds to help stave off starvation.

I have not done the necessary research recently but it is my understanding that there are far more religious sects with far greater numbers of followers than there are Christians in the world. If this is still true today, how many of them will have heard of Noah?s miraculous survival, or do they too have the same kind of stories to tell their children?

I confess my knowledge of the inner workings of the bible have escaped me. I was told by my predecessors that I must study and learn, but, like most ignorant children, the first chapters of Genesis overwhelmed me and, as I had been told to always begin reading from the first part of the book and proceed through to the concluding chapters, I was stumped because none of my teachers of the day were there to uncover the mysteries surrounding the words. Never did get to all the begats or follow through to the later revelations which led to David and Goliath and what happened to Solomon and his wisdom. Other than picking up on the warrior talents which often led to bloody endings, most of the leaders of the day seemed to thrive on having endless wars to regale us with. I must confess that my Sunday School teachers did stress a Gentle Jesus caring for his children and others suggesting the lions would lay down with the sheep, but there seem to be few of those leading the way still working on the premise that we want to, and indeed need to, have more up to date information to give us assurance that going up to God will be a happy holiday.

Just the ravings of one of the lunatic fringe facing eternity while we are invited to go on a killing spree one more time! You will all have been aware that the second world war (to end all wars) came to a crashing halt when an American military plane (the Enola Gay) wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the only nuclear bombs ever dropped on any country ever.

The bombs were so well made that every warrior nation started making them and they are now in bunkers everywhere, huge stockpiles of these truly weapons of mass destruction. What I did not know then, or have ever been told before, that the bombs themselves were, hold on now!!!! MADE IN CANADA. So, our former prime minister of this country, who told us all that we would not go to another of these endless wars unless the United Nations approved, made a few of our former friends annoyed because we, get this, never kept any of those bombs for ourselves. What a bunch of wimps! None of this has ever been made known to anyone, so, when a fellow Canadian told me about it I was dumbfounded! Still am!

Have a fine Halloween and a great Guy Fawkes Day. You probably know he was the person who tried to blow up the British Houses of Parliament a number of years ago.