By George

Last week you may have noticed that a fellow Canadian had told me that he knew the bombs dropped in Japan by the Enola Gay were made in the Ottawa Valley. As I had no means of doubting his veracity, I accepted that, at least one Canadian believes that our hands are not squeaky clean in this matter of dropping weapons of mass destruction. I personally did drop bombs on military targets in Europe and when they did do great damage I sought to find if these bombs struck the targets selected for us. Beyond this, I trusted the integrity of the leaders to direct us to the end that we would defeat the enemy. It was really quite enough for us to do what was asked without delving into the origin of the armaments placed in our bomb bays.

If anyone in this listening audience has any factual, historical knowledge about the manufacture of these weapons, I would be pleased to offer my apologies for any inaccuracies in my last article.

On to more current events. You will all know that the Royal Canadian Legion is again sponsoring our annual Remembrance Day gathering on November 11th in the senior secondary gymnasium. Its purpose is easy for us to relate to if we are a bit long in the tooth. In 1918 the First World War came to a halt on November 11th at the 11th hour. The act of remembering those who lost their lives in that awful war was started shortly after giving thanks to those people who returned. This act of remembering, originally called Armistice Day, has been celebrated every year since that time. Even this year, so long after the end of that war, and during and following the endless wars since that time is our reminder that we are forever indebted to those who have given us this gift of a lovely land which enjoys the privileges of having freedoms which are the envy of almost every nation in the world. You have been invited to join in this time of remembering.

By the time we gather on November 11th we will be about one week after the election of the next president of the United States! This too will be an opportunity to remember and to offer prayers to whichever God you subscribe to, that wisdom and prudence will be the watchword of that leader as he takes the world forward into the next four years. God —– Help —–