By George

Today has some significance. January 27, 2004, happens to be the time of this writing and you may recall it is the second step the (new?) democrats are taking to name the candidate who will, God Willing, wrestle the crown from Georgie, the imposter. It is too bad that they have no serious minded lady to toss in the ring this time around as it would be delightful to know that there is a lady willing and able to be burned at the stake as our own Kim Campbell was when the lions threw her into their feeding ground. For those interested, take a look at what Brian Molroney?s henchmen did when he left them in the lurch.

Of more interest I believe is this weather?s current onslaught of intemperate behaviour as it sends its message to us that, despite the pundits best efforts to assure us that a climate change is guaranteed for us in the near future, the minus thirty and minus forty, with wind chill to boot, suggests they have a few lessons they might take from the farmers almanac to guess right. Brrr and double Brrr!

I liked the article sent to me recently. It suggests that I might like to take a test consisting of a single answer to a question which will tell me about my honour and my dignity.

Terrific, I thought:

I am given the task of being a famous photographer in the height of a hurricane in Florida and given the responsibility of demonstrating the above qualities about honour and dignity.

As the storm heightens and my task becomes more intense, it is noticed a man is struggling to save his life as he is being swept out to sea. It is ?George W. Bush?. Should I jump in and save him or take pictures of this famous person being washed to sea?

Question: Should I use colour, or black and white in my camera?

With apologies to the originator of the story, who expanded on thesis with much greater clarity.

Enjoy this coming week. The weather, as always, will change. It is the nature of the beast.

Do not neglect your responsibility to get out and vote in the by-election. Especially if you are younger than Methuselah and have yet to enter the arena.