By George

You know the ?Red Green? television program. I finally have figured out what his little group of men close their program with. (I know, just a bit slow off the mark!)

If there is an error, please tell me. It goes something like this. ?I?m a man, and I can change, if I want to, I guess.?

This is a microcosm of me. Or is it a macrocosm? Whatever!

The part which is probably most eloquent is the ?I guess?. Fits most of us very well, and certainly is my excuse for failing a huge number of my responsibilities. As Janet will tell you, the list is almost endless, although she too is gracious to the extreme! Sometimes she wants to throttle me for my willingness to expose the frailties of others and go about looking as if I am some kind of seer when inside me there is another tiny wizard like the one in the Wizard of Oz. Poor Dorothy, or Janet, or any of you others facing the totally arrogant creatures you ended up with!

With that explanation (excuse?) for being with you once more, here goes nothing!

Today I will give you my opinion of LOVE! Not the endless soap serials which inundate the airways, and have for many eons, but the other. It is sort of biblical, yet not of the bible.

I am continually being bombarded with totally lovely people. They keep letting me know they can cry, they can laugh, and they can, and do love being alive! Every day I am surrounded by this great phenomenon! My own grandchildren, not yet spoiled by us adults, are free with physical hugs, moments of joy, tears of sadness, and endless energy to be here without any of our foibles which end with a lack of love for others, or for ourselves.

For that child, still hidden inside, let him/her out again!

For those of you practising the art of loving, thank you. You are all fine examples of what gives me joy in Tumbler Ridge. Whether it is Bill (both of you), or Bev, or Karen, or Rob, or my many nameless, but lovely friends who daily exhibit the wonder of acting like children who have not yet acquired the need to look for serpents in every apple they eat! There are so many of you, in so many places, that give without assessing the value of their gifts, that, please, if your name is not on this list, it is in my heart. And if I mention David, it is because this exceptional person has made such a wonderful contribution to us all, that we must let him know we are on his side.

As for my nemesis, RIP.