By George

How much can happen in just a few microseconds in the geologic time line! I no sooner take a few more gasps of air than there has been more stuff from the innards of this tiny planet rising up, then falling on the vast? Oceans and opening the doors for our valiant scribes to focus their cameras and inundate all the airwaves with photos and commentaries to illustrate how fragile our lives are, or how they will be without even any human interaction at all!

Reminds me of old King Canute daring the ocean to come up and kick him off his throne set up on the sands near the beach. Guess what? He lost! As have all the other idiots who think they can control the mildest of nature?s miracles, let alone the big ones.

Try as I might, good old George, ?The Chief?? seems bent on asking his tiny God to save America! Over and over again he finishes every speech with his inane requests for help from the Almighty. Will somebody let him know that almost every real God has chastised us for going about killing others and expecting us to listen carefully to what he proposes as our lot if we fail to do so! You know Jesus took the money lenders and kicked them out of the temple, and made recommendations for us to turn the other cheek if we are given a blow to the cheek, and advised us to turn our swords into plowshares and on and on at every turn in whatever religion a God is mentioned as a model of reasonable behaviour for us to adhere to he, she, it gives us all good advice so we can feel a little less guilty of our untoward actions because we should be trying to emulate the prophets and others willing to share their knowledge of right and wrong. Someone with more insight than this poor scribe might try to explain Mammon to little Georgie. Never was a God, never will be a God, and is not a good model for him to bow down to!

Or did I miss something when I listened to his last State of the Union Address?

On a more positive note.

It is good to hear that Michael Hunter has landed on his feet and will give a sense of optimism to all of us still believing in Shangri la! Not that we need to send all of our coal to China. I was told by the geologists who were digging coal for Quintette and Bullmoose about twenty years ago that, despite mining furiously for the next fifteen years they would only deplete the coal reserves by about one percent of the known reserves they knew about at that time. Even if the miners take a modest few million tonnes per year, we should be able to leave enough for several generations of future miners to retain employment at reasonable wages. Now if they can only retain a vision of the environmental impact and give the country a clean and friendly place for us to live in. Long live Kyoto, even if it has a few warts to remove first.