By George

Dear Readers:

Thank you for your patience while I have acquired the necessary acumen to address the real issues you face daily.

I might never have reached this point, had I not had a visitor last Sunday who accused me of being wise, and honest! This is truly frightening for someone who derives great satisfaction by being unwise (read, stupid, or the ravings of a lunatic) and dishonest.

You may recall that I have spent some fruitless days calling on Captain Smirk to recognize that God has a more important job than to go around blessing America. I now have researched my ha ha, mind and have come to this startling conclusion. There is nothing in IT to really tell me that God is a man, or that He? is a person living in the sky doing wonderful things. If this is correct, and there is no such person in the sky, what have I been told?

First, let me assure you that most of my thoughts are derived from previous teaching associated with there being a supreme power to whom we (human beings) owe a debt of gratitude. It has always been a source of wonder that I was physically derived from a tiny sperm and a little larger egg in my days of conception. To find that a god was on hand at a moment in time previous to this event and had ascribed a task for me to perform, boggles the mind! A much more miraculous thought which makes landing a vehicle on Mars a somewhat childish maneuver which befits Captain Smirk to ponder his own future as the first human to go there.

Why is it that when there is a disaster on earth, we blame in on Mother Nature? Maybe She is really God? Is it perhaps just male ego that predetermined our preference for a male figure to give obeisance to? Certainly any reference to the Spanish Inquisition brings forth images of males dressed in costumes with cowls over their heads as they stretched fellow humans on the rack. Then there is Joan of Arc as she was made out to be a witch and burned at the stake.

This is not a lesson in theology and I trust you will look back to paragraph one where I have just ascribed these ravings to the work of a lunatic. I commend to you the efforts of many to find a solution to our national and international problems. Good hunting!