By George

One moment please: Do not adjust your sets!

A number of years ago I was on Salt Spring Island with my good friend Jim. He had just purchased a television set and needed to set up the antenna in a tree (a very large cedar tree) high up in its branches. I took the antenna up, and up, and up, complete with hammer and large nails to make sure it all arrived at its destination successfully. Jim?s wife and mine were in the living room looking to find out if we were having any success. Jim was relaying messages to me as to where the signal was most useful and where I should secure the antenna. I was high up in the tree with one arm holding the antenna at a precarious location in space with the other arm hanging desperately to a large branch when Jim hollered, ?Right, anchor it right there the signal is fine?. Well, it was not possible to anchor the antenna in space so I found a spot and nailed it to the tree. At this point the girls started telling Jim the picture was fuzzy and the sound was awful. He relayed the message and I spent the next hour (or so it seemed to me) removing nails and moving the antenna with poor results being relayed from ground zero. Finally the message came from the TV studio: ?Do not adjust your sets?. I hammered the antenna at that spot and clambered down from the tree somewhat shaken and in need of something substantial to ease the blow to my ego. Turned out the signal was fine but the trouble lay at the source. I have often used this illustration to point out that all is not as it appears to be.

Take a look at a good dictionary (I use Websters in lieu of the Oxford, but the results are not that different.) You will find several statements by those learned people as to the meaning of ?Insurgent?. For example: a person who revolts against civil authority or an established government.

You must have heard the expression endlessly from our several newscasters but, just exactly who are the insurgents? Surely not the local residents in Iraq. Perhaps it is the hundred and twenty five thousand foreigners in full battle gear from across the Atlantic? So, rather than extolling the virtues of our warrior cousins we should name them for what they are. The

Real Insurgents. My God would not bless them as their president so often asks his god to do. Please do not adjust your sets!

On the local scene: As a fellow Tumbler Ridgean he/she must remain nameless even though he/she insists he/she is/ or was/ an idiot! To protect his/her identity let us create something similar to the scene we would never admit to having explained? You were told by your spouse that you would wait until the task requested was performed and you went about doing the good deed and, after completing the task, completely forgot where he/she had started from. After being completely bemused for some time, accidentally saw a silhouette of the spouse against a window. Early Alzheimers? Is this the time we should all be prepared to open the little secret portals of our collective brains and be brave enough to tell the truth about ourselves? Not likely, but the opportunity to clear the decks is in order! Enjoy Shangri la.