By George

First, I would like to tell you that my reason for not putting a column in last week?s paper is not that:

a) Loraine did not enter it

b) I had nothing to say

c) there was nothing to write about d) someone had sent a death threat

e) (fill in your own).

What really occurred: As many of you have encountered the BUG recently, so did I and just went to bed, shivering and feeling sorry for myself! The feeling is gradually dispersing and I am now in my usual embittered self, ready to do battle with the forces of evil surrounding us!

May I remind you that it is still early March and, as any reasonable creature inhabiting this part of the province knows, it is far too soon to say hello to Spring despite what any ground hog will tell you. Or Farmer?s Almanac will preach. Even if you are subscribing to a gardening magazine published for Vancouver and Victoria might advertise, ?tis too soon to plant! Most of this country?s gardeners will explain that, for most crops, or gardens, some time near the end of May will produce more than those enthusiasts will garner by planting in late March or early April! Not that the start of March has not given us the giddy feeling that this year will be different! Good luck, and it is probably reasonable to order your favourite tulips, roses, and other garden delights very soon. Good luck!

It is so tempting to take out my bad temper on our southern cousins who, in their wisdom think it unwise to believe in The Kyoto Accord, Fair Trade, Softwood Lumber, Cross Border Cattle Sales, Our Gas and Oil, our Water: The list is endless and their greed is phenomenal but, I may feel more normal next week and will provide a more rational and reasoned approach when I regain my health.

In the meantime let us enjoy the long list of friends we have acquired by living in paradise! It is almost Easter and time to hide the tasty treats our kids love to search for! Good hunting to you all.